Fig harvest

Help I can’t keep up.

And that’s not a boast. More a reflection on my poor time keeping.

After a month of the figs just hunkering on the branches suffering in the heat – they have ripened over the course of a weekend. That wondrous rain we had last week (only last week?) seems to have unclenched my entire collection of growing crops. We had two days with a total of about 60 mm. Just utterly glorious.

Dahlias? Suddenly in bud.

Annual flowers – alive and about to flower.

Courgettes, unrelenting.

Even the Swiss chard is looking juicy.

But that little fig tree in the corner hiding the compost bins. (And the resident snake).


I don’t have time to make more than one batch of fig jam. Instead I will just batch freeze them for now. And when I get back from Other Chores, I will have a go at more chutney.

And one of the reasons I am so amazed this season about these figs… They haven’t been decimated by wasps or hornets. Has the heat slayed them all? Only a few have been chewed.

I normally have to wait until dusk to get near this tree. And even then I only pick those that are half munched. And I’m bound to cop a sting from a guard wasp keeping a close eye on its nest in the rock wall behind.

Not complaining! Just observing.