August flower bouquets

Yes, yes I know it has already oozed into September. But I have been really, really busy.

And the disgrace of my flower shots in August could no longer be borne.

I take really bad photos of flowers. In the garden.. fine. But the ones I plonk in front of a bland background a few minutes before I haul them off to the market on Thursdays… hopeless.

So I have decided to stop complaining and do something about it. Enter sheets of board which I have slathered with Sap Green paint. (It’s green paint season.)

Then I propped it up in the front hallway. Which already has a green top, just perfect for the display.

Because I am slow to learn that a whole background and foreground of colour is going to look a lot less distracting. You really need to just see the bouquets. Not wonder what on earth I have done with the wall.

Note mouse proof jar of cat food that should not have been in the shot.

Let’s do a test with the vase of dried alliums that live there.

Natural light. Much better. (Although I could work on my cropping technique.)

And here you go. A small selection of the flowers I picked yesterday. To be distributed to a few neighbours round the mountain on my walk.

Now all I need to do is pay closer attention to the grot on the table.

And just to be a completist. Here are the vile shots from the August bouquets.

I’ll do them in a small group to spare my blushes.

Yep. As bad as you feared.

And how many shots of the ‘work in progress’ feature a Creature? She can really get my attention when she knocks over a vase.

That or trying to drink the vase water while I’m trying to cram the tiny yoghurt jars with blooms.