En vacances – Saint Feliu coastal gardens

Now you have to award me some style points for keeping humans out of most of the shots you are about to see.

It was winter which helps. But I had to be patient to snap these gardens along the coastal path around from Sant Feliu de Guixols to s’Agaro.

Almost but not quite to Platja d’aro. But a massive day trip nonetheless.

Here’s the route.

I started down at the bottom left at the port of Sant Feliu (ship building) and worked my way up around the incredible walking path to the Sant Pol Beach and a bit beyond.

And back.

First thing to get out of the way is the sight of a placid sea in winter.

I store these memories when I go back to the landlocked farm.

The first part of the walk was through stone pine forests and some rather hilariously steep steps.

Looking down onto little coves. And then onto some marvellous wide paths around the coast.

Pig face planting on the sands.

And then the reward.

Whose gorgeous garden was this?

Alas, I have no idea.

All the tourist signs around this amazing walking path were lovingly devoted to geology. Not gardens.

I marvelled at everything going out and coming back. (Even the lantana, that noxious weed in Sydney.)

I’ll definitely make a return trip to see how the planting is getting along.

They are working hard to restoring the plants right on the foreshore.

And I’m curious to find out if these are what we call Casurina trees. Or just another pine. (Goodness I’m ignorant.)

Here is some young growth.

They built up the paths right on the rock, and shoved in a lot of these trees as well.

Already there? Some looked rather forlorn.

And other planting – like this pine seemed to have been lovingly saved.

I am very keen to revisit. A dose of sea and some plant ogling. Why, it’s just like a holiday.