En vacances – Girona

Ah yes, it’s that time of this gardener’s year where I bombard you with images of stone pines and cypresses. Again.

Well, yes.

You can’t even try to capture plumbago for your holiday themed planting without catching a towering cypress in the background.

I was walking back to the hotel just now and realised what it is about this town I love.

It’s so darn neat.

Unlike me.

No weedy paths, no jobs half finished.

And those immaculate fa├žades….

I seem to be swooning at ochre this year. This tiny street is just above my favourite little garden (gates firmly locked as it’s New Year’s Day).

And don’t get me started on the passion for doors, corten steel and door handles…

Despite cold starts, it has been quite the enjoyable explore around the now very familiar streets and up to the Puig San Miguel again.

The last time I came up this forest path I was on crutches (back in May). So it felt liberating to not have to limp.

That tower in the far right picture is my destination. I walk this route about three times each visit. A deeply pleasing plod.

And I always hug the stand of eucalypts on the way back. (I’ve given up feeling embarrassed by this action. I think it’s a stand of Ghost gums.)

And I always choose my return streets through town to maximise exposure to garden citrus trees..

Always just out of reach.

Not so amazing seafood and my daily dose of avocado on toast at Federal. (Here’s to Bill Grainger the chef who died this week. I raise my fork in salute.)