Dead header’s thumb

Is that the same as a hangman’s noose? It is actually the sensation you get after deadheading all your French marigolds in the potager.   A sore thumb from pinching the flower heads off. Endlessly.

I have hundreds and hundreds of the cheery little plants. And they die fast in this exceptional heat.

So if I can get them deadheaded before they form a crispy seed head, I can have a longer display.

And once you start deadheading, you can’t stop.

I have had so little time in the garden these past ten days: house guests and house painting being the constraints.   But the heat is the main deterrent.   It’s another 35C in the shade day, and not much sign of a change in the forecast.

So hopefully we can get things done in the mornings after I have cleaned the paintbrushes for the last time.

Artur update: this heat is not acceptable for wearers of fur coats.   The poor cat is drooping. He will insist on being about even though it’s hot.

Yesterday I found him doing a spot of aromatherapy. He lies in among all the lavender bushes under the olive tree.   He gets some shade, and lots of wafty lavender perfume at the same time.