Day five

day five roof beamsNow that’s satisfying.   We have the roof beams on, the east and west walls; and the polycarbonate roof.

As builder’s mate I can see it was a job well done.   Luckily the clear perspex roof is light.   It was sporting cleaning the old ones and trying to coax the insect life out from the little channels inside the structure.   Double thickness of polycarbonate, with a playful sprinkle of ants, bugs, lizard carcasses and even a few moribund wasps.

But it’s all clean now and on top of the big structure.   The day was blustery and cold – but not snowing as it was in the hills further south.   A light dusting I’m sure, but enough for everyone to talk about the beginning of winter.   My poor little seedlings are going to freeze in the next few days if we can’t get the walls sorted.   But Dario is working methodically and we should make good progress tomorrow. day five roof

I had to duck down to town one more time for roof fixings, door handles, and guttering hooks. Last trip as we have no petrol in the region and we will have to ration what is in the tank.   Goodness only knows when the strike will be over.   We are already having to sort out travel plans: no trip tomorrow I think.   Good news for the building site, less for all the screenplay work that is supposed to have been done.

chestnuts 2010The happiest creature on the building site is Ulysse.   He positions himself right up against the fence and waits for me to give in and feed him chestnuts. He loves them. Crunches them up and whinnies for more.   Needless to say he was spoilt rotten today. day five view from pool