Child bearing hips

I’m a few days behind.   But trying to catch up today.   Every day here is hot and sunny so I have to retreat indoors at lunchtime to escape.   But yesterday that escaping involved all sorts of thrilling things: cleaning the car, defrostiing the deep freeze, cleaning the fridge, washing all the big windows.


But yesterday was a great treat. I had Andrew and Leslie over with her family, for lunch.   And it was just the tonic.

I needed lots of design advice and my lovely friends obliged.

I am now fired up this autumn for moving, dividing and replanting. And back on track.   We all agreed that the eragrostis grasses have to go from the calabert and they can be moved to the terrace below.   And I can put stipas in their place. They won’t get too out of hand.

The comment about my rosa rugoa hips up in the hedge came from Andrew. They are enormous: ‘child bearing hips’.