All tucked up

It’s like a warm blanket being tucked in around the plants. Here is the wine barrel in the potager, next to the new herb garden wall. It is planted up with bulbs galore and needs a good thick mulch to prevent weeds.

I was determined to finish all the chipping this week.

The area above the guestno more chipping house was becoming an eyesore.

So with another afternoon’s burst of activity I have reduced the area to raked mud.

And the lament of all gardeners…. I ran out of sticks to chip.  I need another huge load to reduce to this fantastic mulch.  Half the shade garden could do with another layer.

But once I had finished this chipping, I decided that will be it for a bit.  The chipper has gone down to the stables (and the newly concreted floor) and the next load will be chipped down there.

But first I have to dig some trenches and lay some drains around the perimeter of the stables.

And one thing I have discovered is that the oak branches benefit from a bit of soaking and weathering before they go through the chipper.

I have used it so much this past month that I need new blades.