A rustic attempt

after lavI spoke too soon. The storm continued. So my exciting Saturday night was to be found reading a book by candlelight in front of a roaring fire. A very 19th century experience I can tell you. And outside there was rain and hail and very noisy thunder.

But this morning it is gloriously sunny and calm and I’m determined to attack the lavender bank.

The soil is very soft, so it’s easy to remove the weeds; but as the slope is so steep it’s nervous work lest if all fall down.

You can see from the before shot that the bank is made of rubble. Broken tiles, bits of dishes, brambles and that impossibly tough native clematis that puts out fantastic growth but doesn’t do much flowering.   before lav

My fences are decidedly rustic. And a mess. But I’m hoping that when the lavenders flower, that is what will draw the eye.

I’ve put as much mulch as I can on the soil to hold it all together, and to hide all sins.   And hopefully slow down the most pernicious weeds.

down on lavI’ve come in for a cup of tea and an early lunch.   I need to do more weeding of the bank before I can mulch and keep on with my rustic fences.