A perfect garden day

The stones have arrived. A big truck from the quarry down in the valley full of gravel lumbered up the road this morning and promptly got stuck trying to reverse up to our pool. We had set out a few options of where the driver was to deliver the stones: tarps at the ready in locations close to the final destination. But his truck was so big and our terraces so playful that he admitted defeat rather swiftly and upended the load close to the house. Apart from the quarter of the load that fell onto the road. And of course it was just as poor Danielle our neighbour wanted to drive past.

So we now have a monster pile of 3.5 cubic metres of stone at an uncomfortable and slightly uphill distance from their destination. Nothing to do but fill the wheelbarrows and trundle away. Nicolas gave me a tip on back bending and shovel use (vital) and we worked away at filling the gap between the pool and the lawn.

Looking back now that my back is no longer aching it felt like a near perfect day.
Heavy work in the garden – stone moving
Lying prone after lunch on the sofa catching a bit of the Olympics on the radio
More heavy garden work
Tea with friends, Ronny, Yvonne and Nicolas
Quick visit to Lynn and Jeff to deliver tadpoles
Back for about three hours of lawn mowing
In at sunset for a cold beer.