A neat garden at last

20 final work on calabert gardenAnd here it is: this time at an angle that makes sense. All the pale grey is a mulch of gravel that will hopefully keep down a lot of the weeds while the shrubs grow up. You can’t see them right now but they are in there somewhere. Dozens and dozens of them.

If all goes to plan this will be the linking garden from the gravelled courtyard to the slopes beyond. It was a nothing sort of a bank before; I had to strim it to keep it in control as the slope was just too exciting for the lawnmower to manage.

You could have half done, but then come back with a strimmer another week when you had time and try not to behead the three santolinas planted right at the base of the rocks. steps revealed

20 detail rocks as mulchI asked Nicolas, who was still whirring away with the wheelbarrow and soil, to pile up a few more spare rocks at the base of the wall to make it a bit higher. We have no lack of the stones lying about, and they look much better here than strewn about.