First spring crops

That hum.

The hum of a gardener sowing seeds.


I started too early of course.  Some of these seeds are sulking. Appalled that I thought it a good idea to sow seeds under cover in March.

Just because I have done it for the last ten years at that time means nothing. Obviously. And even though these seeds are sitting in the ‘sow in February’ section of my seed drawer is also irrelevant.

I waited a whole month.

I should have waited two.

But I’ll hold out for another few weeks just in case they surprise me and delight with teensy little germination miracles.

No fears on the germination front with my mighty brassicas.  These cavolo nero (all hail the Tuscan Kale) just get on. Germination in about three minutes.

And I’ve already pricked them out and potted them on.

They can be planted out in a fortnight.

But today, after a week of hardening off, here is the first wheelbarrow load of crops to go in.

Climbing peas, peas, salad, chick peas.

I cheated with the salad. They are rouge de Montpellier and I bought them as teensy plug plants from a shop.

Dreadful. But considering my other lettuce seedlings are still huddling it felt fun to get something into the ground. In April.