The last mow?

last mow 2014Can it be that the lawn mower really gets put away?  Here is what I think is the last mow. It is November for goodness sake.

We ought to be huddled around the fire indoors and plotting our next moves. Or in my case, planning what wall to paint next.

I paint walls and rooms and furniture endlessly indoors when I can’t be outside playing.

The mower, since its service and blade replacement, purrs and purrs and is almost a joy to use.

I’ve done the main lawn, the orchard, the track, the east garden, the walnut path and even bits of the parking area at the far east of the farm. terrace mowings

And lower terraces of course.

I think I can do one more terrace if I put the blade height up to the max so I don’t run over stones and damage the new blade.

This one (artistically called Terrace 4) is fine and quite straight and flat. And now that I have cut back the chestnut tree that used to jut out into the path, not even a treacherous journey.  A full face plant of chestnut burr was never a relaxing way to start one’s day.