Spot weeding mountain style

We have been doing a bit of spot weeding. With a chainsaw.

There are too many elderflower trees – they have outgrown the status of shrubs – on our lower terraces.

You can ignoelderflower branchesre them for a bit, but once they get beefy in stature they will cause damage.  The elderflowers cut down today were growing right on the edges of the walls.

I strim as much as I can when the weeds grow in the flattish parts, but once they are on the very edge, then they have a chance of escaping my strimming wrath.

Here is the detritus of five trees.

I will need to get the loppers down and reduce these branches to useful recyclable size.   The small branches I will chip.  The larger branches can go into the fire up at the house once they have dried out a bit.

And then once I lose the will to live after lopping and cutting and heaving on these thick branches all morning, I will probably just drag the large bits to the edge of the property to break down.

Or I could pesuade the chain saw wielder to come down and do a spot more work.

The only problem is that I keep finding more projects (ie trees in the wrong place, weeds) everytime I come down here. I can see there is one more elderflower in the vineyard that needs ‘attending to’.

Don’t you just love euphemisms?