The last look

neflier mid novemberYes, the wind is picking up. And the weather is set fair for some vile rain-filled days.

So here is the last chance to ogle at the medlar shrub this year.

It’s quite electric.

Not quite leaf peeping in scale, but worth the long plod down through the farm to reach the very bottom of the last terrace.

Actually we have more land further down the mountain, but I confess we never go there. Brambles, a thicket of brambles. But there also a small forest of good tall oak trees there too.

So no doubt when we need yet more firewood and can’t leap into the upper forests with agility, we could amble down the track on the walking path below the main road and inspect our land.

Until then, this is as far as I go.

I came down to have a good inspection of the vineyard to see how many days of work I need to hire Nicolas.   This is my indulgence to get the darn thing done.

Were it left to me, it would take a few weeks to get the whole area finished to the standard I want. And he can hire a rotovator to turn the soil. That will be fun. So I think it will be money well spent.

But more importantly, he can help to rebuild the steep steps down to the vineyard. Right now you have to be part mountain goat, part scree runner to get down the steps. And it ‘s a playful experience when you are also carrying a heavy strimmer, or loppers or an armful of kit.

He doesn’t know that yet. Nor how many rocks we need to haul out of the way around the perimeter to get it ready.  That will be fun and games in early December if all goes to plan.