Securing the mulberry from pests

Meet the pests. And the thin stick to the right – that’s the mulberry. It was more substantial before. Until Ulysse or Canaille chopped the top off last summer. arturlookingup

I had thought the electric fence they are standing beside would have deterred them from getting at anything on my side of the fence.

But obviously the leaves of the juicy mulberry were within reach.

So I have moved it further out of the way. Just a few feet closer to the hedge, but here is hoping the horses have been thwarted.

And for those of you seeking your Artur fix. Here he is. On a rare outing. Outdoors.

1artur snoozing 2He does like his log fires and snoozing in the warmth in winter.  But every now and then he notices it is sunny. And daylight. And he is a mouser. Goodness only knows why he was looking up in the birch tree. No prey up there.

Actually I think he was just trying to avoid me: I was chasing him about the garden, pushing that small white box in front of his face and making a strange clicking sound. He does get exasperated with my camera and refuse to look winsome.

And speaking of winsome.  Who knew that his perfectly camouflaged grey coat would work so well with cashmere and my thick jacket? In front of the fire.