Re-designing the wildflower bank

pooledgebeforeI’ve come up with an idea.  This wildflower strip at the bottom of the steep pool bank has not been thriving for the past few years.

So I had to strim it all back and start again.

For one wild moment I contemplated digging the entire area over and saving some of the wildflowers I like.

But the whole thing is over sixty feet long and that’s way too much work.

Far better to just get out the strimmer and reduce the entire thing to green goo.

I’m not ready to cut back the eragrostis grasses above just yet.  But the green you see here had to go.mulchededgepool

The strimmer wasn’t happy having to work in the cold. I had to work and work to get it to start. Note to self; get the strimmer serviced this winter.

But once it did I quickly reduced the wildflowers (and brambles and baby broom plants) to mush.

But I couldn’t leave it just like that. Once again, it was either fork over the area. Or cover the area with mulch.

Those sticks I dragged up from the lower part of the farm came in handy.

But so far I only have enough to do the edge closest to the wall. Curses. Just when I think I’d done a marvellous job of dragging sticks and branches, I find I never have enough.

But at least I now have a very obvious and prominent aide memoire to do more chipping throughout the winter.

It looks decidedly odd for now.