This is no time to be gardening

I had planned to write all about sedums to be published today. I started thinking and writing on Friday morning. A fluffy, throwaway Sunday piece if you will.

And then all hell broke loose in Paris and the frivolity of my message was lost in weeping and sadness for such an act of barbarity.

I didn’t know any of the 127 people who were killed. And thanks to a rather clever Facebook trick, I was able to see that all my Paris friends are safe.

So like the rest of the world we devour our newspapers and watch tv or listen to the radio. Impotent to do anything but feel wretched.

I had a day of being glued. Restless and sad. It could have been any of us in Paris on Friday night.

And then after thinking that this is no time to be gardening when so much disastrous news is happening….. I reconsidered.

There is nothing to be done. Except cherish what we have; and our friends and family. And to go out and rake leaves and keep our heads down and stick hands in the earth and pick vegetables for dinner.

And feel blessed.


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