July flowers

IMG_8469I couldn’t contemplate more close up shots of squished caterpillars today. So instead we all need the soothing balm of flowers.

It never looks dramatic when I try to photograph the plants in the garden.  It is a large area where the bright blooms blend with everything else.


And I’ve staked and properly trussed them; so you will have lots of chestnut wood in among the colour.

My red crocosmias are fading.


And now the bright orange ones are coming along.  Crocosmia Mrs Bradshaw? Let me delve and find out. No, that was Geum Mrs Bradshaw.

My brief look says it’s just Orange Lucifer. Hmm. I think I have a better named variety than that. I’ll have to ask Andrew on Thursday. He gave them to me.

Emily McKenzie. It just came to me. Phew.


And the first big fat flush of the lovely yellow achilleas are almost over.  The heatwave hasn’t helped.

I get a second smaller flush which is helpful for flower arranging.


And the verbena bonariensis are going like weeds. Well, they are weeds. Colourful and cheering but I didn’t put any in the bouquets today. The tiny flowers shed everywhere.

Not a good look in a pristine clean butcher’s shop.