Early flowering sedum

Time zone shifts. You would think that after almost thirty years of these back and forth trips to Australia and Europe one would get used to it.  But the idea that I am writing a post from this

about this


and that even though today is Friday morning, it will appear on my website the night before.

Sigh. Still, one thing that is always certain in my garden and life is that my sedums never cease to amaze me.  Are they my favourite plants?  They certainly are in late summer when the thick upright stalks of deep interesting green suddenly turn fantastic shades of pink.

Mind you, these asters in the lilac bed are also reliable now.

They have learned to tolerate an astonishing amount of neglect. This is a shot of them last month. I didn’t get round to photographing them in the flurry to get ready before I left.

And I really ought to have done lots of illustrative shots of the sedums for this little story too.  But I didn’t. And now that I look at the ones I did, they are rather shoddy. Sorry about that; sedums deserve better. Wonderful plants.











Let me placate you with Artur.  Here he is doing a great impression of a hunter in the jungle. In this case, an asparagus frond jungle. With annual weeds.

When I get back there is a chance this whole area will be neatly strimmed and tidy. Not good for jungle cats, but good for gardeners.