Crop yield

It’s all go in the vegetable garden right now.  It makes me realize that the point of growing almost all your own food is that this should be normal.

Make no mistake, it takes time and effort and sacrifices (proper money earning career, anyone?) but this is my weekly reward.


Of all the tomato varieties, I would have to say that Golden Sunrise has the highest yield. They are quite tasty in that ‘I’m eating an orange tomato’ sort of way.

I haven’t seen any tigrellas yet. And that is my only beefsteak variety in the bowl.  Clearly things will kick in at the end of August. And I have to hope some will still be producing in September.

tomatesFor those of you who click regularly on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday I have to warn you the posts will be sporadic for a few weeks.

Yes, I am leaving all this bounty for a soujurn in Sydney (winter season) to visit family for a few weeks. Pause for you all to splutter ‘MADNESS!’. Yes, I know. But needs must.

I have been stockpiling some stories, so if you can suspend your disbelief that I am writing from the other side of the world, this little farm and its progress in all things horticultural will continue.

Here is my little friend R with some cavolo nero kale that looks almost as tall as she.

roisinkaleI spent the last day on the farm carefully weeding and checking as many of the brassica plants for nasties. My tally: two fat caterpillars, quite a few eggs, and lots of slugs. I’m not posting the little slug nest I found under some of the cabbage leaves on the ground. Needless to say they aren’t there now.

And with a bit of luck, when I get back, they will still be there.  The brassicas that is, not the slugs.