Coming along nicely

Glorious. Glorious sunny weather in London.

A perfect afternoon for unloading a dozen sacks of compost and seven bags of chipping for the allotment garden.

Oh yes, compost is the theme in both gardens this month.

And it took me almost an hour to beetle to and from the garden with the wheelbarrow, one sack at a time.

But the entire contents are freebies, so I’m thrilled.

Lootings from a local tree surgeon, and generous blokes at the Council tip.

I was surprised there weren’t more people at the gardens this afternoon. It was that brilliant bright light in spring where bulbs and perennials are just poking out of the ground and glowing in the light.

I used two of the bags of chippings for the central circle.

One for the new path I am going to make up at the back of the plot.

And topping up of the already mulched beds.

And then with the lovely dark rich heavy compost I mulched like a demon.

In between the just emerging bulbs around the tree trunks.

And generally flinging it all about.  I loved it. And the little toad (actually fat happy toad) that lives under these tiles in his pond stuck his head out to watch me getting closer and closer to his home.

I am doing everything to make him happy – he has slugs to munch.

One quarter of the plot is uphill of these logs. And it’s all a bit of a mystery. So I’m looking forward to seeing what will emerge. I can see the poppies. Good. Lots and lots of comfrey or bugloss. Not so good. A few brambles. Grrrr.

But it’s all fun and games. And the Bergenia forest is flowering. I bet the toad spends a lot of time lurking in here. It’s a big jungly. But attractive. So it stays.

But after mulching like mad and chatting to friends I realised that I couldn’t stay much more than the few hours I had committed to this garden today.  Time to pack and head back to the ‘real’ garden in France.