Come down off the wall, dear


On holidays again?


Shocking, isn’t it? We have come back down to Girona.  That snow was just not relenting. Gardening tricky. Cycling tricky. House chores and dramas, endless.

So it’s back to staring at cypress trees, and walking those old town walls.

I love the daring heights of the things. And for now, winter, it’s wonderfully quiet.

I had actually planned to range out into the hills today, but there is still so much more inner adventures to be had.

This shot is from the walls. It looks tempting.

One more day of hard surfaces and moody tall cathedrals and fascinating hidden courtyards and I’ll burst out into the beyond.

And there is the small matter of overindulging…

For the sake of my digestive system I really, really need a good long country walk.