Australian native flowers

scriv flowersThank you everyone for your kind words and thoughts about my dear father.  We had the funeral yesterday and feel like we are a bit less fraught and fragile.

And what do you do when you have a few weeks away from your garden and farm? Why, it’s pruning time in my mother’s garden.

I’ll send you thrilling shots of the absurd morning glory infestation I tackle on Friday.

For now here are a few shots of the flowers that are covering almost every surface of my parents’ house.  Simply stunning.

And how lovely to see so many Australian native flowers in among the blooms.waratah detail

This bouquet is from our friends the Scriveners. All native flowers and greenery.

And the wacky red you see there are actually waratahs that have been shorn of their petals.

Petals? Do waratahs have petals? You know what I mean. They look like giant red paddle pops.  And it was only when I spotted the serrated leaves did it give me a clue as to the name of the flower.

gumflowerThe flower pods from the eucalyptus tree are the perfect floral arrangement beast. And they dry so well. So those are going to be a keeper.

flowerdetailsAnd I know this might seem a touch wierd, but here at the floral bouquet my sister and mother chose to say the final farewell to Arch.

There are some wacky green crysanthemums (how did I do with the spelling?) of course, but also some proteas, lots of Australian natives.

And a touch that he would have loved. Some amaranth, which birds adore.  I am taking over bird feeding duties this month and I am sure the crimson rosellas, lorrikeets, top knot pigeons and other birds I fail to recognise appreciate the continuity.

arch flowers