A light drizzle

I’ve just come in from a quick session with the mower. A machine I don’t think I have used for at least three weeks. But the road was getting a little scruffy down past the house and towards the entrance to the drive, so I thought I’d give it a quick tidy.

trug and lavenderThe reason for this unexpected August activity was that we woke up this morning to the astonishing sight of grey clouds. Why, we even managed a bit of a dizzle which was exciting.   I went up and hauled all my seedlings out of the shade, pricked out and potted on some sage seedlings.   And then contemplated climbing into the harness and actually having a good session with the strimmer.

But it’s now 11am and the sky is cloudless and the sun is blazing again.   So I shall have to rethink my chores.   Potting up strawberry runners whilst hiding under a very wide brimmed hat might be more of the thing.