Team sowings

Sunflowers AugustWell you didn’t think I was going to open with a picture of bare earth and sticks did you? That’s just the sort of stunt one would expect. And sowing rows of carrots was my major chore this morning. But when I stepped back and admired my handiwork, I thought, yep. This is going to be one hell of an ugly picture.

Oh go on then. Here it is.New carrots

And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This has been a strange week for the gardening news. It has been more of a harvsting news really. Lots of salads, tomatoes, beans and a few potatoes each day. The basil is cropping wildly, and hard to keep up with. As soon as I have finished this mighty cup of tea I shall go out and snap the vegetable garden.

Beetroot clocheBut one good thing; having help this week has meant that Gillie has kindly planted the new beetroot seedlings. And secured them well under the cloche and nets. (She has chooks, she understands these things.)

And we had a team effort of sowing yesterday in the potting shed. Flowers for next year:

Sweet Rocket
Alba Honesty
Nigella Moody Blues
Salvia Blue Clary
Knautia Macedonia
Echinops Ruthenicus
Hollyhock Chaters Double Icicle
Cornflower blue diadem
Nigella African Bride

I really ought to photograph the cute pictures on the front of the seed packets. But instead you get one of these:

Madly photogenic once again.sowings August