The good, the bad and the sorted

Daily raspberriesLet’s start with the good news: we are hauling in about a punnet of raspberries every two days. We need this many just to keep up with the demands of the raspberry cordial crowd. And they do taste so delicious with the fromage blanc in the morning. Mind you, I have been cheating by drizzling over a slosh of raspberry cordial as well. Gets the dose of sugar just right.

But the news in the potager is not all rosy. Munchies a few days ago. And now I have to accept that the pumpkin I have so lovingly watered and watch grow is now more. There is a mole run just underneath the roots. And they have succumbed.Pumpkin dramas

For a week or so I thought it was just heat distress. But no. Death throes instead.

And then this week I had another one close to death. And twas all my own fault. I was thinking what to do with the quadrant that was the potato patch. A very earthy and dull looking space indeed. So I thought a few pumpkins would trail prettily all over this space. And duly grew two seeds and raised them from pups.

Out it went and I was rather pleased with the results. But so too did Daisy. I had obviously planted it too close to her munching route. And she does like a bit of well raked earth. (I have planted three rows of carrots nearby).

Pumpkin dramas 1In one evening she has shorn off the juicy bits. Rats. I should be relieved that she has left me two leaves which can regenerate.

So straight after lunch I made the most embarrassingly ugly netting to keep her out.

Dare I show it? Here it is.

But if it works I will keep it on for a few weeks until the pumpkin is well and truly underway. And then the mole can do its work and I will be back to square one. Contented gardeners? They don’t exist.Pumpkin dramas solved