arturwaitingWell that’s a relief. All present and correct.

I arrived at 6pm last night; so I had no time to have a good look around.

But this morning (before it started tipping down with rain) I was able to tip 7 inches of rain out of the rain gauge. I really must get a new larger one to accommodate these biblical floods.

It had overflowed. And was almost blown over. It seems we have had not only a third flood, but a huge storm.

There were branches down all over the garden. And the swimming pool is almost full to the brim again.  I had to do the old gravity and hose pipe trick to try and get the level back down. 1mulberry mid nov

And every time I stood up and checked how long I had between rain squalls, I kept getting a glimpse of the fantastic mulberry on the lower terraces.

It’s positively glowing. Even in this stormy grey weather.