Now there is no such thing as an idle drive during the growing season.

And believe me the annual weeds and the perennial beasties are leaping out of the soil right now. I’m weeding like mad.

But it was Sunday morning, I had recycling to do. Bread to buy. Some fabulous locally made ricotta to pick up, flowers to deliver. And ooh look, I seem to have the 20 sacks (empty) in the back of the car.

I wonder if the municipal depot has any mulch.

I have done two drive-by raids already this spring and there was not a scrape of council chippings to be found.

But this morning. A treat.

A hastily grabbed and shoved into the car treat.

A fast getaway with the car springs groaning from the weight getaway.

And then a hot day spent shovelling it about.

I need to get this new duck pond terrace under a thick mulchy duvet. The weeds are still stunned to see some bare earth still showing and want to get on.

But I ran short. There’s a surprise. I’ll have to go on a raid next month.  Right now I had just enough to sort out the newly weeded path through the shade garden.

And the edge of the oak bank which I had weeded with the most laborious precision last week.

And that was about it.  Half a terrace bank, one path, one edge.

Oh, and then in the late afternoon I sat at the top of the oak bank and pulled out more weeds on the not-thickly-mulched-enough new beds and new garden made late last year.

I kept getting distracted by the views.  Glorious spring sunshine.


Long may it continue.