Wreath making


I really picked a bad day for doing some wreath making.

Snow overnight buried my raw materials for the wreaths.

Luckily the yew and viburnum tinus berries were easy to harvest as they were underneath a huge chestnut tree.

But I had to plod down the snowy road to harvest my clematis vines which I use for the circles.

At least they are easy to ‘harvest’. You just yank on the long, long vines and then hack them off the trees.

And drag them back.

I was all for just spending the afternoon here.

Instead it was a wade up to the potting shed and grab baskets of the dried dahlias. And the strawflowers (helichrysum) and the eucalyptus leaves. And dried miscanthus fronds.

Luckily I had hauled on the long ivy strands which are slowly throttling the cherry up at the top potager yesterday.

When it was freezing and sunny.

And then it was on with the twisting and tying and wreath making.

Luckily the Creature was buried under a pile of jumpers in the potting shed. So I had a cat free session in the garden room. She hates it when I work in places where she thinks are hers.

This are where I am up to.

I was losing the light so I didn’t have time to do a bit of twine tying to stop the dried dahlias from falling out of the twisted tendrils.

And I think I will add a bit more colour to some of the wreaths. They look a touch austere.

But fun.

Snow permitting I’ll deliver some tomorrow to the neighbours. And the rest will go to the market pals on Thursday.