Winter mowing

mowing lower t curvesNothing beats thinking it’s the last mow of the year.  You get an extra spring in your step as you launch yourself at the work.

And boy was I springy.  I twinkled down to the stables and unleashed the machine.

Operation Lower Terraces.  You may recall that I hesitated mowing this area because of wild boar damage last time I ventured down here.

I have patched up the worst of the bits doing a bit of a stamping and tamping. And then I just went for a noisy walk. mowing lower terace

The winter mow means I can do this work and then be assured that it will look this fab until spring.

But not all in the lower terrace part of the farm is rosy.

Some of these terraces are more jungle than lawn.

mowing lower pre mowBut in a few hours of back and forth, back and forth, I am almost pleased.

You wont be pleased with the quality of the shot. Half in shade, squint to see any detail. Sorry about that.

But the winter sunlight doesn’t offer much decent photo sessions once you gone beyond just after dawn and just before dusk.  Are we offically in the winter season yet?

It feels cold enough. But thank goodness for a blazing sun. Even if it is of the weak and watery variety.

mowing lower t pileRemind me to go back down and pick up those piles of good mulch.  They are destined for the base of the hedge. I just need to weed the hedge first.

mowing views