Winter landscaping

Quick. Quick. Type before your fingers freeze.

There is a sweet spot around 1130am when my office is just write for typing. The overnight blast of frost has passed. The heaters have feebly rumbled along. And the sun is shining through the little window.

Not much, but enough.

I would of course, one day have a blazing sunny room when the French windows are installed. But that delight must wait.

Yet another month.

I knew the window installers would be on the side of ‘perfidious’ in their promises, so it is no surprise. Just disappointing.

I have even moved the chaise longue in from the potting shed in anticipation. Imagine bright sunshine in this cave….

It is cold right now. The sort of white frost all over the mountain that makes you walk fast around the forest in the mornings.

And about half way you promise yourself you will stick cloches over the freezing spinach plants in the potager. Again.

As soon as I post this I will go out and save them. I promise.

In the meantime, have a spot of landscaping. This huge pile of rocks and soil was leftover from the building site a year ago. It bothered me. A lot.

So with a trowel I shifted it.

It’s a dark art in winter to get things done when the soil is frozen. But luckily we are high enough and facing the right way for the sun to melt the ice and snow.

And permit us to shift logs and branches, rake and unearth zillions of rocks.

This one, I swear looks like a relief map of Australia. Minus Tasmania.

It’s a shame it was such a bugger to move. I could have made a feature out of it.

I may still. But for now we are trying to turn the parking area into something resembling pleasant.

And give the Creature another playground to make a mess in. She just loves all that soil to romp in. And then climb on one’s trousers and make a pretty pattern of dirt with her paws.

I prefer her like this.

And now that is my allotted time indoors. Another landscaping job awaits.