Winter dahlia work

The garden room gets messy and a bit of a work out at last.

I have been hard at work on a new plan for the dahlias.

As you might know, I grow my dahlias in these buckets. Holes drilled in the bottom. And after two years they grow so huge, the pots split; I divide the tubers, replant and repeat.

For a few years now I have been cramming the buckets into the garden beds and watching them grow too leggy, and then flop over into a jungle of glorious colour.

It’s fine if the pots are small.

This was two years ago.

But this season I have decided to try something new.

The back of the potager has a narrow not very exciting border. Perfect for annoying weeds. Three grape vines, a clematis, two still-not fruiting and flowering kiwi fruit. And a fig.

So this might not work but here goes.

I have sunk the dahlias – well 21 of them – into the soil with a distance that hopefully relates to the drip feed irrigation hoses I need to install along the back here.

And to try and get ahead of the staking disaster, I have hammered in three chestnut stakes per bucket.

It looks a bit odd right now. But it’s such a relief that I’m ahead of the spring weeds and the potential mess.

If I can get the watering right, and mulch mightily, and tie the stakes with lots and lots and lots of twine, I might have a splendid cut flower border that will amaze and delight.

Winter ruminations.