Wildflower meadows

There are controlled meadows and inadvertant meadows. And here are both.

The lower terraces are in a lush and happy state: not enough verbascums to drive me mad (and into coughing fits), but with plenty of flowers of all other varieties to keep the bees happy.

And the thymes are up again this year so I won’t be mowing anywhere near here until the flowers have gone over for another year.

The controlled mini wildflower meadow came out of a packet of seeds in April. Or was it March? April I think.  

And it has worked.   Seed sowing is such fun.   And when it works it is such a pleasure.

Luckily I transplanted a few of the achillea from the rest of the wildflower garden, so there is homogeneity here. And the poppies have performed well. The cornflowers are up and much later than the other ones, but a delight even in the harsher light of July.