Wild boar in the garden?

No. Me, actually.

Boy have I been destructive this weekend.

All summer I have waited for the soil to be just right to do a bit of repair work of our lawns. Now after all this rain it was time to attack.

Remember when we used to have grass, almost lawn?

Let me take you back.

Ooh, you need to squint to avoid the glare of green on that glorious shot.

Have another.

Grass photos after a summer drought is as close to porn as you get.

If I can’t sleep at night I can summon these soothing images to recall what it was like to have a lush mountain of terraces.

And they could have soldiered on had we not needed to change the septic tank. So the bulldozers arrived, and I said goodbye to the afternoons humming along behind a lawn mower turning this first terrace into a sculpture park.

And sadly even after a lot of care, effort and grass seed we aren’t that far advanced from the day after the bulldozers finally trundled off the mountain.

Yep. Grim.

So it was out with the rake, the grass seed and the mad gleam.

I didn’t spot any hungry ants stealing my grass seeds this time. But I’ll have to wait and see if anything germinates. We have some warm weather in the forecast this week. All I can hope for is the little grass seeds get some life before the winter comes. And then come spring… who knows.

Croquet, anyone?