White wisteria

Just a few weeks of fleeting glory.  And then a year long job of cutting back and chasing it out of the gutters. I love a high maintenance beauty.


This was Madame Reinhart’s go at a white garden. She didn’t hit the mark with the white lilac which spends more of its time dying and looking like it needs dead heading; except it’s too high.  It is opposite this wisteria and no, I am not going to pan right and show it to you.

But the viburnum snow ball bush and this white wisteria are a treat.wisteria2016b

A fleeting treat.  In fact I swear the snowball tree is out about seven minutes just before a bit storm blows through and the floppy heads become tattered remnants and all I am left with is a cutting back chore.

I actually cut the branches when they are green and shove them in tall vases. It saves the fuss of having to clean up all the dying petals.

Gaze on these blossoms now, by the time tomorrow comes I will have nothing much to show.

And it will be time to get out the telescopic loppers and chase the tendrils which are creeping like a venomous tentacular towards the gutters as I type.