Where to start?

I love it when plants ‘reach out’ and tell me what to do.

Here I was wandering about with that ‘where do I start?’ first thing going through my brain.  Th1asparagus to cut downere is vineyard work; that’s the the major job. And mowing and strimming.

But instead of launching in, there were two things just screaming at me.

Here’s the first. You can’t miss it.  The mulberry in the courtyard. Half the leaves have fallen and for once it’s not windy.

I usually end up chasing these leaves all over the courtyard. But here they are obediently lying at the base of the tree.  I can’t take an ‘after’ shot as the day started foggy and then became gloomy and mysterious. And too foggy to see in the afternoon when I remembered I ought to snap the tidy look.

Hopefully tomorrow it won’t be drizzly or wet and I can get on.

The other screaming ‘look at me’ project was up at the top potager.  I was actually heading up to Jean Daniel’s for a chat and to see Elodie who was working there. But there was no escaping what the secateurs needed to do.

The aspargus bed is now very ready to be cut back.

I popped into the potting shed to get the mighty blades and found a friendly Artur waiting for me on my chaise longue.  What a fab start to the day.