When wild boar get the munchies

1boar lower terraceIf you ever complained about a mole messing up your gorgeous lawn, have a look at this. It’s like moles on steroids.

I didn’t notice the damage right away. In fact it was only when I was walking down to the stables with Bebere our builder did I see some strange churning down at the hornbeam hedge.

And then in front of us was the orchard.

Oh my. It’s a mess. I guess the wild boar troupe (I just can’t bring myself to calling them a sounder of boar, it doesn’t flow on the page or off the tongue) had a lovely time.

They are omnivores, so they were probably rootling about for cockchafer grubs.  So part of me thinks, oh good, I could do with fewer grubs. They are big fat juicy grubs which live underground and are partial to my tree roots. 1boar orchard 1

But to reach them they seemed to have gone through an awful lot of the garden.


I will have to set aside a morning putting back all the turf and stamping down to return these lovely lawns to a semblance of order.

I just hope the boar don’t return again tonight. I’m way too busy with My List to have to add major repair work as well.