Weeding, pruning and planting

pruned holm oakYou can tell when I’m trying to link all the random pictures left in the folder. I run out of pithy titles. This holm oak is located in a prime location on the terrace above the courtyard. I have been looking at it for years and wanting to do something about it.   Now with Fenning and Gillie’s wonder loppers as a gift, Lauren and I got stuck in on the weekend. Once I’ve cleared a lot of the unnecessary grass and weeds off this steep rocky bank it will look even better.

Earlier I made some progress on the viburnum lower down the courtyard.   This area is cryng out for a lovely clematis to climb through the frankly dull green vegetation that just sits here after the May flowering. Or is it June?  Must put it on my list for improvements when I am flush with funds for some gorgeous climbing flowering plants. pruning viburnum

before lilac pruningThe other side of the east garden area had a haircut too this week: we cut out all the lilac suckers that have been blighting this part of the garden.

If I can find some time (well, just have to put it on my list) I will cut back some of the more invasive ivy.   Now that the lilac is clearer, and the philadelphus has been reduced by half I need to add more plants here.   But not until autumn. I have sedums aplenty on the terrace bank above the potting shed.   And I can almost divide the asters this year.   They have bulked out beautifully.   (Oops, that will teach me not to pay attention to earlier posts, I realise I wrote about this days ago. Sorry about that.)

everlasting sweet peaThings you get to see the first time round: my everlasting sweet pea has finally flowered in the herb garden.

And the geraniums in the pots have survived the relocation from sunny but sheltered Gamm Vert in Valence, to steps on the shade garden.   geranium pot

I never seem to photograph them at the right time: there’s always a great hulking bit of chestnut shade or are just so glaring in the sunshine that the pots look bland.

geranium potsOne day I’ll have the steps dripping with pots of geraniums.   But not right now.

Weeding? That was the thicket of fun stuff in the bean and pea bed on the lower potager.   Weeded, raked and red clover green manure sown (you get the theme here). red clover sown

As I was nearby I added yet more parsley about the place: into the barrel in the middle of the garden, into the edge of the salad area, you name it I planted.

parsley in barrelAnd then there was a sport of harvesting. Garlic and potatoes.   The garlic has been happily drying in the potting shed this past week. But in my mania for neatness I have pulled off the long stalks (I don’t plait) and brought them into the kitchen.

I now have garlic as a room scent. Not sure I will endure that for very long, but it’s nice to see the bulbs have survived thus far. garlic harvest

more spudsAm I done yet? Dying for a beer and a quiet lie down.   But finally I am scraping the bottom of the picture barrel.

I weeded the hedge at the top of the potting shed bank.   Are things growing? Slowly.   But at least not much is dying in this summer weather.   The marjoram between the shrubs are flowering and looking gorgeous.   It’s going to be a great weed suppressant, but not just yet.  Â  The few gaps that I have are full of pesky verbascum seedlings and mystery bits. hedge weeded end july

The endless lilies have finally ended. Well the ones in the garden are holding on, but the vase varieties are over. So I have hoiked out the drooping stalks and added the honesty.

There. Up to date. Folder empty.

honesty in hallCan I get down from my desk now?