Watch where you put your feet

plum cropIt’s raining plums.

My greengauge trees, reine claudes, are producing prodigiously.

And naturally when I left for a week all the trees decided to drop their produce while I was away.

Figs? The wasps feasted. Plums? They are littering the path.

Luckily after raking up a carpet of spoiled plums, there were still enough on the boughs to get a few kilos worth. plums to freeze

But what to do with the blighters? I’m jammed out. And it’s only July.  And I do find the yellow plum jam a bit ho hum. Unless you pile in the sugar and try and caramelize them a bit to make them zing.

So with perfect timing Phil and Vicky arrived and have gone home with a huge box plums.

And here are a tray which I will flash freeze, put in freezer bags, and then decide what to do later.

josta tartsI will probably turn them into tarts. Or maybe plum and scented pelargonium sorbet. Yes, things are looking up already.

Here are the two jostaberry tarts I made yesterday.  It ought to become a bit of a production line of tarts now all summer.