Wacky worms

anenome nemorosaAren’t they great? These are actually flowers not worms.  Anemome nemorosa. And I put 100 of them in among the plants under the walnut tree.

And for once the planting is super easy.  By the end of today I was looking for easy to plant corms and rizomes rather than meaty bulbs.

My tally so far is 1000 and that includes the easy tiny crocus bulbs I popped in the barn garden.  Both plain tommassinianus and the exciting sounding Ruby Giant.

And I have put muscari armenicum bulbs along the edge of the shade garden. Hopefully when I walk up the path in spring I’ll have some zingy bits of colour to admire as I trudge.

That’s the brilliant thing about bulb planting. You are planting promises for the year ahead.   And best of all, I only have 1175 to go.