Viburnum opulus

1vib in vaseHere you are. The one flowering shrub I have forgotten to photograph. My viburnum opulus. Snowball tree. Thank you Bronwen for asking about the flowers in the box.

It’s a stonking shrub. But oh boy is the flowering season short.  And it tends to flower just before you get a really windy day and the blossoms get absolutely everywhere.

Luckily mine is planted on the north side of the main house. Hidden in the courtyard. So I do get flowers for a few weeks.

And I can’t take any credit for this beast. Our previous owner, Ine (Willemina) planted it beside the white wisteria, across from the white lilac and the white philadelphus. You get the theme. 1viburnum opulus

The lilac is going to go this year, it is ailing. But the rest of the shrubs have been tamed and managed into some sort of control.

But if I were to plant it again, I would probably put it somewhere less prominent.  You don’t get much drama after May.