Ugly fruit

Thank goodness I went shopping with my neighour yesterday.  Jean Gaston has no car ar the moment, so we are all pitching in to give him lifts.

We went to town and both did our grocery shopping together and he saved me at the check out. I bought a bag of apples (locally grown) and they were quite cheap.

And when the cashier looked at them she asked me ‘Are they moche?’ [ugly] I was completely baffled and Jean Gaston intervened and said ‘yes, ugly fruit’.

And later he explained that there is this movement in France (and in some supermarkets in the UK) to sell misshapen or just slightly damaged fruit for a fraction of the cost of the normal ones.

And apparently people buy them as a point of honour to say, we don’t want perfect fruit and veg, they all taste just as good.

I just bought them as they are perfect for apple puree. But I have inadvertently joined a movement as well.