Trussing time

You would think I would post a long and languid story about the potager today.

Alas no. We are on the move again. This time a quick trip to the Pyrenees. Just four days, but I feel like I’ve barely settled back in.

I can do laps – hunting out huge cucumbers hiding in the undergrowth; despairing at my poor tomato techniques.

But I must say that the one job I have done – apart from harvesting – is trussing.

Tying in all the rampant growth.

We had a gorgeous two days of drizzle in the past ten. Enough to add to the jungle feel of quite a lot of the paths in the main vegetable garden.

I’m too scared to go up to the top one. There be dragons.

Oh, and the only other job I’ve been hard pressed is doing these past few days is picking flowers. It’s a bouquet fest right now. Keeping all my neighbours well supplied. And the nine for the market today.

I was making them so quickly that I barely had time to stand back and photograph. It was positively factory conditions. Except they aren’t. It’s glorious in among the blooms right now.

Next week. After the tourist interlude, I promise to stray a bit further beyond this main vegetable and cut flower plot.