Too warm for winter clothing

It was 18C today in London and way too warm for my winter clothing that I wore on my walk to Primrose Hill. But spring is definitely here. To celebrate I am plotting going up to the allotment tomorrow to put in more peas and make a start on the potato rows.  And this afternoon I had a happy hour planting little teensy flower seeds into jiffy pellets and putting them in the bottom of the bookshelf in the sun.  I planted three of the following: nigella damascene double white, cornflower B, antirrhinum white, bells of Ireland, nicotiana lime green, alpiglossis chocolate, cleome spider flower and scabiosa black cat. Half of these didn’t survive the slug attack last year, so I’m looking forward to nurturing them to a longer life this year. I had a bit of space left, so planted two different kales (red bor and nero di Toscana) and finally some capsicum seeds that I scraped out of a capsicum bought from the supermarket. I wanted to plant the F1 jumbos – but the little packet was bare.