Tomatoes in a permaculture bed

I couldn’t resist posting this.

Isn’t that coeur de boeuf a beauty?

We are in full on tomatoes for every lunch mode right now.

Tomato, basil, buffalo mozzarella, fruity olive oil and vinegar.

It claims to be balsamic, but it’s a cheap and cheery one that is probably zinging with sugar. But hey. Summer.

The tomatoes in the permaculture beds have gone bezerk.

I’m draping like mad to get them front facing and into the sun. And they seem to have loved the first part of the season being drenched with warm rain, and now blasting heat.

Each day I go past and pinch out lateral shoots, pull off foliage and generally hum with happiness. I’ve never had such a bumper crop before.

You can’t even see them in this overhead shot of the garden but they are in there. Dotted about.

Right now they are getting a once a week water. And I’m trying to stick to the Feeding Friday regime of a can of dilute comfrey and nettle goo in the watering can. It’s hefty work, but seems to be paying off. But only in the permaculture beds. The more traditional ones in the less improved beds are fine. But fey. So there’s a lesson learned.