Toiling in the lavender fields

lavnovemberReeking nicely of lavender oil. I am happy to tick this job off the list.

But I had to wait until mid afternoon to get started. Yes, it was still raining for most of the day.

So I was forced to paint shelves and a desk and generally glare out the window and wish it would stop.

I even had to resort to tidying the bookcases, sorting the DVDs and even the CDs.

That’s desperate.

But fear not, I didn’t alphabetize the books or anything tragic. Or even sort them according to colour.

And my only ventures outside was to nip up to the potting shed and wake up the cat.

So it was a relief all round when the sun came out and I climbed into my favourite footwear (new wellies) and grabbed my secateurs and got chopping.overheadlavender

I have already cut back the lavender in the barn garden last month, but this huge bank needed a trim.

It took hours. It was a race against the dying of the light. So I must confess I didn’t make time to pick up all the prunings. They are lying by the path and on the lawn – where they were flung as I worked my way along the rows.

Tomorrow, if the weather permits, I shall tidy up properly.  And mabye get out the chipper and reduce the giant jumble of branches I have soaking gently abvoe the guest house.