Time to build the Ark

candlelightA quick 9pm update as we have electricity for the first time this afternoon and evening; I just poured four inches out of the rain gauge.  I know I am supposed to check at 9am tomorrow morning, but I suspect the poor gauge will be overflowing. It only holds seven inches. And we have surpassed than in one 24 hour period already.

Six days of deluge now and I’m starting to wonder if it will ever stop.  We had dinner by candlelight again. And I cooked the meal using a head torch. It’s a bit like glamorous camping in that you don’t have to stoop in a tent. But really.

jpegAnd the thunder and lightning is certainly the evening entertainment. After the crossword and Scrabble.  We fell down on the capital of Swaziland as one of our clues. And naturally we couldn’t cheat and check. Well, we could have gone to the atlas but it is in the other house. And I didn’t fancy our chances going outside; even for five metres it takes to cross the courtyard. It’s a deluge out there. more wild

The spooky bit is we have our fuse box behind a small decorative wooden door in our living room.  And tonight the box took four direct hits from the power line outside when lightning felt directly overhead. We saw the zaps of light through the gaps in the door. Ugh.

But the even spookier bit is how on earth am I writing this now? We still have electricity and a functioning modem. Will wonders ever cease?