A thin end and an edge

Right. You are not allowed to leave this desk until you’ve done your homework.  A day late with my blog post. I ask you. Slack.

And busy is no excuse. I’m always busy.

I have something that has been dangling since – wait for it – March.  My birthday present. And even though it wasn’t gift wrapped, it was yearned for and crooned over.


Chestnut poles. Long, very long skinny poles which are perfect for making edges in the garden.

Two of these beauties were cut down by gift-giver in Chief David and we carried them all the way up to the lawn.

I love a sharp edge to a lawn. And as our ‘lawn’ is never a thing of beauty in this hot climate, at least now I have one edge to which I can be proud.

Two poles dragged into place. Small metal rods hammered in to secure them on the slope.  Bags and bags of mulch behind and there you are.

It won’t stay that neat for long.

But hopefully the miscanthus will shoot up and most of the mess will be disguised.

And I get the cheery view of a neat small straight chestnut log sticking out of the undergrowth.

And speaking of undergrowth. I weed therefore I am.

Is this the first time I have been so assiduous in so many areas of the garden?  I suspect so.

I even sat down for an afternoon and weeded the very overgrown edge of the decking beside the pool. Out came all the pebbles, up came the weeds. I even grubbed as far as I dared underneath the wood.  And all the while I had this thought: ‘you wouldn’t do this in an Australian garden’. Blissfully snake free.

Oh and that cover photo? The chestnut poles that hold up this mountain. This time in the lavender bank that is currently mid re-design. Come back in a year and we shall see.