The winter farm

IMG_4605This is so strange: I can’t view the post I wrote last night.  I wonder if anyone else is having trouble. Here’s hoping it’s just me.

I shall surge on regardless. There are some cracking shots of the farm to show you.

Here is the top terrace all tidied and looking less like a bramble patch.

Nicolas had a day strimming most of the lower terraces and this monster one.

IMG_4613And he came back today to finish behind the stables – a nettle patch of immense volume. As befits an area where the stable manure was just muccked out and deposited outside.

And cut down the many many chestnut saplings that have taken up residence beside my potting shed

I’ll take a shot of that later. I had intended to go up and do that, but guess who was there waiting for me on the water barrel?

Artur. Eldery, rather scruffy. But extant.

I tried to get him to look at the camera, but he was distracted by a woodpecker that had started its rat-a-tat-tatting on the acoustically rich tin of the pottind shed roof.  If that loud noise doesn’t attract a mate,  nothing will.

IMG_4618The wisteria is down (more soon) and he has done the most fantastic radical prune of the rose on the herb garden wall. Wow, I wouldn’t have dared bring it back that low. But he knows what he is doing,  And I’m a wimp.

I have all the spiky branches to chip. Once I get my gauntlet gloves on and it warms up a bit. The chipper doesn’t like below zero temperatures.

It was minus 9C this morning, but it has warmed up to 3C today. Glorious sunshine, no wind. What could be better?